Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Sale FAQs

Please READ all details before shopping!

Thank you so much for your interest in my sale. Almost all polishes in this sale are unused. Those that aren't are specified. I take care of all of my polishes so don't worry about flaws or tampering to the formula. Some MIGHT have a little wear to the bottle or lettering from storage, but there's nothing major. Please Google swatches if you aren't sure about a shade. Make sure it's what you want because there are NO returns or exchanges. All sales are FINAL. 

Payment Process

Once you've seen a polish or few that you want to purchase, simply email: with your order. 

Order MUST include:
  • brand AND name of the shade you want
  • full name and valid shipping address
As soon as I receive your order, I will give you your total and send you an invoice via PayPal (I will give you my PayPal email at that time). Be sure to choose "family/friends," etc. and not "goods/services" to prevent any PayPal fees. If asked just say it's for donation. Once your payment is received the item(s) will be marked as sold, and you will be notified that your purchase was successful.


US Shipping only. $3 for the first bottle $0.75 for every bottle after.

Above prices are for first class shipping. If you're buying between 5-8 polishes I suggest the flat rate option which would be priority shipping at $5.35.


Polishes will remain available until a successful payment is received! All orders will be handled in the order they are received. It's your responsibility to make a prompt payment. If you don't pay as soon as possible, your polishes are still at risk of being sold. No holding. As soon as a payment is cleared, the item will be marked as sold. So basically, first payment gets the polish.

Things to consider: I typically sleep around midnight-1AM (PST). I will respond to your orders in the order that I receive them first thing the following morning. All orders will be shipped out with in 2 business days of complete payment. I will try my best to ship your orders the same day (depending on when the order was made).

Lastly, I ask that you PLEASE take care of my babies when you receive them. It was VERY difficult for me to part with them. Thanks for reading and taking the time to browse!

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